Create a Nice Looking Navigation Column

May 7th, 2007 · 2 Comments

This tutorial features a quick and effective way to create a nice looking website side bar or vertical navigation column.

1. Begin with a white canvas, at least 640×480 pixels. Duplicate the layer (CTRL+J) and then right click the new layer and go to blending options. Add a default black/white gradient. Select OK, then bring down the opacity to around 20%.

2. Now select the rounded rectangle tool (U), select ‘fill pixels’ setting at the top bar, radius 30 pixels, and color #008aff. Draw a vertical rectangle, something like this:

3. Next use the rectangular marquee took (M) to select a portion of the rectangle. Do not select part of the rounded edges.

4. Free transform (CTRL+T) the selection by dragging the dottom of the transform box down, to overlap the rounded edges.

5. This is what you should have:

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Tags: Basics · Designing · Web Layouts

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